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Readers Respond: What is your child's feeding schedule?

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Updated November 13, 2013

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Wake up at 7:30 breakfast ( oatmeal with 6 ozs of formula, 10:00 bath time 10:15 organic yogourt , fruit or milk , nap time at noon beans with vegetables, chicken soup, fish soup or lentils, after two and a half hours milk, then cookies, after tow mire hours milk then bath time, beth time and more milk
—Guest marie

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6-7am: wake up 7-8am: 4oz Bottle of Baby Juice (Half water Half Juice) with Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron Multivitamins 8-8:30am: Nap/Playtime 9-9:30am: Washed Up & Dressed 9:30-10am:Breakfast feeding 4-5oz Bottle of Formula 10-12pm: Nap/Playtime 12-1pm: Lunch Spoon Feed Baby Food/Cearel 1-4oz 1-2pm: Nap/Playtime 2-3: 8 oz Bottle of Formula with 4 tbsp of Cearel 3-4:30pm: Nap/Walk/Playtime 4:30-5pm: Playtime 5-6pm: Dinnertime & 4-5oz of Formula 6-6:30: PLaytime/Storytime 7-7:30: Bath time 7:30-7:45: Bedtime Feedings/Snack- 2 tbsp of Cearel with Fuirt & 6-8 oz Bottle of Formula 7:45-8:30: teeth/gums brushed Bedtime
—Guest trinitysmama


i would just pump a few bottles and then feed baby botetld breastmilk at night. formula will keep your baby alive but it is not healthy for a baby, so if you can breastfeed and get away from it stay away from it, besides your milk tastes good and formula is gross so the chances your baby will take formula at night aren't very good. I will tell you though that it is really easy to snuggle baby in bed and lay your boob out and the baby will learn to latch on by itself and you can just roll over and switch when your other breast gets heavy. It is so easy. I have done this with 4 children and no one has ever had to get up with the baby. Once the baby doesnt need to eat at night, we put the baby to bed it his/her own crib. Daddy can take his turn feeding breastmilk out of a bottle during the day and I think that you will find that if you do NOT supplement with a bottle that you will have plenty of milk, however, if you supplement you will start having problems keeping up, especially in the beginning. Dr.s and WIC dont suggest you pump until baby is 6weeks old and your milk supply have been established. Goodluck and Congratulations on choosing the best for your baby!
—Guest aQEyvSYG

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What is your child's feeding schedule?

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