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Breastfeeding: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What's Normal Urination for a Breastfeeding Baby?
A breastfed baby's urination pattern changes during the first week of life. It's important to understand what is normal in your baby's diaper. Monitoring urine output will help you to determine if your baby is getting enough milk.
11 Things That Can Decrease Your Milk Supply
Are you doing something that might cause a decrease in your milk supply? Without realizing it, you may be jeopardizing your supply of breast milk. Here are some things you can change in your daily routine that can help you make more breast milk.
7 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production
Breastfeeding mothers often reduce feeds or wean earlier than they would like -- sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Here are ways to reestablish milk supply after having taken a lengthy break from nursing.
Colored Breast Milk: Is it Normal?
Breast milk isn't always white. Foods, vitamins, herbs and other influences can affect the color of breast milk.
Your Guide to Breastfeeding During a Baby's...
Your baby will experience a growth spurt while you're breastfeeding. Learn what a breastfeeding mother can expect from her baby's behavior, and from her milk supply, during a baby's growth spurt.
Safely Handle and Prepare Stored Breast Milk
When it comes to handling breastmilk, it's important to keep in mind how long the expressed milk has been in storage. Also, watch a video that shows proper handling of breast milk.
What You Should Eat While Breastfeeding
What should breastfeeding moms eat to maintain a healthy milk supply? There are so many myths and wives' tales about what breastfeeding mothers can and cannot eat. Here we learn about her true nutritional needs.
Combining Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding
Feeding your baby formula in addition to breastfeeding is called supplementing. There are many reasons women decide to give their children formula along with breastfeeding. Every baby and situation is unique, a combination of breastfeeding and formula may work well for your family.
Breastfeeding and Your Period
Is it safe to breastfeed during your period? How does menstruation affect breastfeeding?
A Breastfeeding Diet
A Breastfeeding Diet: What should you eat if you are breastfeeding?
Feeding Your 8 to 12 Month Old
Infants can begin to add different types of food into their diet by 8 months old, but breast milk or formula should still be a big part of their diet. Here are some guidelines for what your 8 to 12 month old can eat at this stage.
Brewer's Yeast and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Brewer's yeast is a highly nutritious dietary supplement that is used by breastfeeding mothers to help increase milk supply, increase energy and fight the baby blues.
Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding
Description of many of the benefits of breastfeeding to the mother and baby. Also included are some cons of breastfeeding.
Breast Changes In Pregnancy
For your body to ready itself to breastfeed, many different changes occur in your breasts during pregnancy. Major hormonal influences take place during this time. Here is everything you need to know about the process.
How Much Should You Breastfeed During Your...
Is it a growth spurt? This article provides information on growth spurts and the average height and weight of infants.
The Flavor of Breast Milk
What does breast milk taste like?
The Let-Down Reflex
What is let-down, what does it feel like, what are the signs and what should you do if it's painful, slow or hyperactive?
Milk Making Foods
What foods can I eat to make more breast milk? Here are some common foods that may help increase your milk supply.
Increasing Your Milk Supply Naturally
Increasing your supply of breast milk should begin by taking these few easy steps.
Breast Pathology
There are many possible breast abnormalities that breastfeeding mothers may encounter. Identifying these issues are very important to continue a healthful breastfeeding relationship with your child.
Fennel and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Fennel is an herb that has been used for centuries to flavor food, assist with digestion and help increase the milk supply of nursing mothers.
Cabbage Leaves for Breast Swelling
Cold cabbage leaves can be used as compresses to treat engorgement and relieve painful, swollen breasts, that can sometimes occur during breastfeeding.
Fenugreek and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Fenugreek is an herb that has been used to increase breast milk supply for generations. It is often considered one of the most effective herbs used by nursing mothers to help augment their supply of breast milk. It is generally considered safe, but can have side effects. Fenugreek should not be taken during pregnancy.
The First 3 Days
The first 3 days are challenging for a breastfeeding mother. Here you will learn what to generally expect at this stage; common issues for mother and baby; waking up a sleepy baby; establishing a milk supply; and some tips on how to make the smooth transition from hospital to home
Dealing with the Common Problems of Breastfeeding
Take the steps to heal and prevent sore nipples, mastitis, plugged milk ducts, engorgement, and thrush. These are some of the common problems of breastfeeding.
Dr. Jack Newman's All-Purpose Nipple Ointment...
This is the recipe for Dr. Jack Newman's All-Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO). It is used to heal nipples and to prevent nipple infection.
How to Pump, Store, Freeze, and Thaw Breast Milk
Breast milk can be collected and stored in a freezer for up to one year. Proper collection, storage and thawing is important to preserve the maximum health benefits of the milk.
Sex and Breastfeeding for Nursing Mothers
Many couples have concerns about breastfeeding and sex. Here are some of the common issues and tips to overcome them.
Interesting Uses for Breast Milk
There are other uses for human milk? Breast milk is a complete source of nutrition, disease protection and comfort for infants and children. But do you know what else breast milk can do?
Breastfeeding Basics
An explanation of the breast and how it works when breastfeeding; pros and cons of breastfeeding for both mother and baby; what to expect during the first few weeks after birth; the feeding process. Watch a video on general lactation and breastfeeding information.
Breastfeeding and Postpartum Weight Loss
Is it safe to go on a diet while you are breastfeeding? Here is some information on breastfeeding and postpartum weight loss.
Does Breastfeeding Cause Saggy Breasts?
Breastfeeding, pregnancy and saggy breasts, what causes droppy breasts and what you can do about it.
Breastfeeding Positions and Latching On
What to expect from the baby's first breastfeeding and latch-on. Here are some techniques and tips to make latching-on easy and successful. Also, watch two videos: One will teach you what to expect once your baby is latched on; the other will show you 3 different breastfeeding positions.
Nursing Teas
Make more breast milk with nursing teas. Herbal tea preparations are believed to help increase the supply of breast milk. There are many ways to use teas to promote breastfeeding. You can make your own blend or purchase one of these commerically available products.
Garlic and Breastfeeding
Garlic has been used for centuries for its health benefits, and it is also thought to be a galactagogue that can help increase the milk supply of breastfeeding women.
How to Handle an Overabundant Supply of Breast...
An overabundant milk supply can affect you and your baby. It can lead to breast problems, such as engorgement, plugged milk ducts and mastitis, or cause gas, fussiness and colic in your baby. Here are some things you can do when you have too much milk.
Blessed Thistle and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Blessed thistle is an herb that is commonly used with fenugreek to help increase the supply of breastmilk.
Alcohol, Breastfeeding and Milk Supply
Can drinking beer or any type of alcohol help you to make more breast milk? Do you have to pump and dump if you have an alcoholic drink?
Taking Care of the Breastfeeding Mother
Discussion on the mother's needs while breastfeeding
Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk?
Most breastfeeding moms wonder if their baby is getting enough milk. Even though you cannot measure how much milk your breasts are holding, there are many signs you can look for to put your mind at ease.
Baby Poop
Baby poop changes in the first week of life from the tar-like meconium stools, to transitional stools and then milk stools. Baby poop is different for breastfed babies and formula fed babies, and it changes again when solid foods are introduced. Diarrhea and constipation can also occur in infants.
Increase your supply of breast milk: A galactagogue is something that can help bring about lactation or increase the amount of milk that is made. It can be a medication, an herb, a food or an action.
Breastfeeding And Milk Allergies
Milk is the most common allergen affecting infants. What are some signs and symptoms that your breastfed baby has a milk allergy? How do you deal with a milk allergy in a breastfed baby?
Breastfeeding and Infant Spit Ups
Spitting up is normal in all babies. It can happen occasionally or with every feeding. There are some things you can do to help your baby spit up less, but you can't prevent it altogether. Spitting up is different from vomiting, so be aware of the differences and know when to call the doctor.
Understand, treat and prevent Mastitis, a breast infection or swelling of the breast that occurs in approximately 20% of breastfeeding women. Signs and symptoms, causes, treatment, complications and prevention of mastitis.
Breastfeeding by Stage
Answers to all questions about the baby's feeding needs by age and stage.
The Content and Composition of Breast Milk
Exactly what makes up breast milk? What is in it that makes it so powerful? Here are the facts.
Alfalfa and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Alfalfa is a very nutritious herb that is believed to help increase the supply of breast milk.
Using A Breast Pump
Information on using breast pumps, storage suggestions, and bottle-feeding. You can also watch a video on pumping, storing and handling breast milk.
Goat's Rue and Increasing the Supply of Breast...
Goat's rue is an herb used by nursing mothers to help improve the supply of breast milk.
Sore Nipples
Heal and prevent sore, cracked or bleeding nipples. Breastfeeding with nipple pain can be uncomfortable. Here are some of the things you can do to lessen the pain, heal your nipples and prevent soreness.
A Slow or Difficult Let-Down
What causes a slow or difficult let-down and what can you do about it? Page 2.
Exercise and Breastfeeding
Not only can you exercise if you are breastfeeding, but it's good for you. Light to moderate exercise is healthy and does not affect your breast milk. However, strenuous exercise could cause some problems.
Newborn Breastfeeding Schedule
How often should you breastfeed your baby and how long should each feeding last? Feed your baby on demand whenever he is displaying these signs of hunger.
Breastfeeding and Skin Conditions of the...
Breastfeeding with certain skin conditions can be painful. Here are some tips for breastfeeding with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis of the breast, areaola and nipples.
Breast Refusal: How to Deal With A Nursing Strike
Sometimes a baby stop breastfeeding, here are some reasons your baby may refuse to breastfeed and some solutions to get through a nursing strike.
Information on thrush, or yeast infections of the nipple and/or deep breast. Included is the protocol to cure thrush.
Breastfeeding After Cesarean Section
Breastfeeding after a cesarean section can be challenging. Pain, medication and time away from your baby can interfere with getting started and establishing your milk supply. If you are prepared and committed, you can overcome the challenges and successfully breastfeed.
Breastfeeding While Pregnant And Tandem Nursing
If you are breastfeeding and you become pregnant again, you can usually continue to nurse. Many women breastfeed throughout a low risk pregnancy and some women nurse their older child along with their newborn, this is called tandem nursing.
Breast Milk Storage Bags
Here is a list of 6 popular brands of breast milk storage bags along with advantages and disadvantages of using bags as opposed to glass or plastic bottles.
How to Care for Your Nursing Breasts
Nursing mothers don't need to do too much to care for their breasts, but here are some tips to help keep you comfortable and prevent some of the common breast problems that can develop.
Painful, White Nipples
Painful, white nipples can be caused from vasospasms or compression of the nipple. Find out how to treat and prevent nipple blanching.
Painful Let-Down
What can you do when let-down is painful? Page 3.
How Much Breast Milk Should I Put In a Bottle?
If you decide to supplement breastfeeding with pumped breast milk in a bottle, how much should you give? Here is the calculation.
How To Know If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk
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Milk Thistle and Increasing the Supply of...
Milk thistle is an herb used to help nursing mothers make more breast milk. Here is some information on it's safety and use for breastfeeding women.
What Should A Breastfed Baby's Diapers Look Like?
What should a breastfed baby's diapers look like? What is the normal appearance of stools? What do abnormal stools look like? What happens if there is blood in the baby's stool? How often should a breastfed baby urinate? What is brick dust urine?
Breastfeeding Problems Associated With The...
What is the functional anatomy of the oral and pharyngeal region in an infant? What role does it play in breastfeeding? What are some associated breastfeeding problems? Page 2.
Can I Take Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids While...
Sleep deprivation common to new parenthood is legendary, but nursing moms do have a built-in advantage because the hormone prolactin aids in peaceful sleep. Lactating mothers should not, however, take combination products containing aspirin, and some experts also advise against the use of naproxen (Aleve). Using antihistamines for long periods to aid in sleep while breast-feeding is also inadvisable.
Infant Digestion
Most new mothers are concerned about what is happening externally, but what is happening with your baby internally?
Pumping and Let-Down
It can be hard to stimulate the let-down reflex when you are pumping under stress. Here are some tips to help get the milk flowing. Page 5.
How This Hormone Regulates Your Ability to...
Details on the hormone prolactin and the role that it plays in establishing milk supply
Stinging Nettle and Increasing Breast Milk Supply
Stinging nettle is a very nutritious herb that has been used for generations to help increase the supply of breast milk.
Breastfeeding and Fluid Intake
A nursing mother needs to drink enough water or other liquid each day as part of a healhty diet.
Breastfeeding: The First Two Weeks
In the first two weeks of a baby's life, feeding and sleeping patterns are just beginning to find a rhythm, only to culminate in a growth spurt. Breast milk supply should be established, and a mother might encounter issues such as engorgement. Here is how to manage those first few weeks of breastfeeding.
Can I smoke cigarettes when I'm breastfeeding?
Can or should you smoke cigarettes when you're breastfeeding? What are the risks and health hazards of smoking while you're breastfeeding?
Glass Containers for Breast Milk Storage
Can you freeze and store breast milk in glass containers? Here is what you need to know about glass containers, the pros and cons of using glass and 3 brands of food-safe, freezer-safe glass containers.
Blebs and Breastfeeding
A bleb can cause tremendous pain during nursing. What is it and how is it treated?
What is oxytocin? What role does it play in milk supply?
I'm ready to start feeding solids, but I'm...
Breastfeeding mothers are often confused about how to go about starting solid foods with their baby. Questions often arise about whether or not to breastfeed before or after feeding the solids. Here is how to go about this process.
What Shouldn't A Nursing Mother Eat Too Much Of?
If you have an overall healthy, well-balanced diet, then you don't have to stop eating any of the foods that you enjoy just because you are breastfeeding.
Milk Ejection Reflex
What is the milk ejection reflex? How does it affect breastfeeding?
Hyperactive Let-Down
A very fast flow of breast milk can cause feeding problem. Here are some tips to deal with a hyperactive let-down reflex. Page 4.
Rusty Pipe Syndrome
What is Rusty Pipe Syndrome? Is it safe to feed to the baby?
Hard, Swollen, Painful Breasts
Breast engorgement causes hard, swollen, painful breasts. It occurs when your breasts become overful with milk. Here are the causes, treastments and complications of this common issue.
How To Alert the Baby for Feeding
Tips and techniques to help awaken a sleepy baby for a feeding
Breast Milk Storage Bags and Containers
Breast milk can be placed into glass containers, plastic breast milk storage bags, plastic bottles or breast milk trays. There are pros and cons to each type of container.
Storage of Breastmilk
When it comes to storing breast milk, the guidelines depend on how you pump your milk. Watch a video to find out more.
Caffeine and Breastfeeding
Can you drink coffee and eat chocolate if you are breastfeeding? Does caffeine affect your baby and your milk supply?
What's the Difference Between "Nutritive" and...
What is nutritive versus non-nutritive sucking? What is the difference between swallowing at the breast and swallowing on a bottle? Here are details on how the process works.
Nursing Footstools
These 5 popular nursing stools make breastfeeding more comfortable by elevating your lap, relieving strain on your back and making it easier to support your baby at the breast. Makes a great gift for a new mother.
Break The Suction
Learn to break the suction and remove a baby from the breast without pain and damage to the nipples.
Treating a Headache While Breastfeeding
Treating a headache while breastfeeding
Vitamin Supplements For Breastfeeding Women
Do you need to take a vitamin while you are breastfeeding?
When Should I Alternate Breasts When I'm...
When should you alternate breasts when you're breastfeeding?
Medications Used to Create, Re-Establish or...
In certain situations, medications can be used to help produce or increase the supply of breast milk. Reglan and Motilium are the two most common medications used for this purpose.
Breastfeeding Beyond One Year
Breastfeeding does not have to end at six months or even one year. In many cultures, it is common to continue to breastfeed for two years or beyond. There are many wonderful benefits to long term breastfeeding for both mothers and children.
How To Hand-Express Breast Milk
Here is the Marmet Technique of manually expressing your breast milk. It is a safe, easy alternative to using a breast pump.
What is Breast Milk?
Breast Milk: The definition, composition, types, stages and color of human milk.
Breastfeeding and Jaundice in the First Week of...
Information about jaundice and breastfeeding a newborn baby. What is jaundice? What is bilirubin? Why do newborn babies often become jaundiced in the first week of life? How can you lower your baby's jaundice level? Should you continue to breastfeed if your baby is jaundiced?
Plastic Breast Milk Storage Bottles
This article lists 7 popular styles of plastic breast milk storage bottles, along with the pros and cons of using storage bottles, when compared to other storage options.
The Diabetic Breastfeeding Mother
Whether you have just learned that you have diabetes, or you have had it for some time now, do not feel that you can't breastfeed! It is still good for you and for your baby. Here are the facts.
Proteins in Breast Milk
What are the main proteins in breast milk?
Vitamins in Breast Milk
What are the essential vitamins present in breast milk?
I have large nipples. Will this affect my...
What defines a large nipple? Will it affect breastfeeding?
Weaning Your Baby
Weaning is a time of major transition for both moms and babies. Here is some information about changing from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, using a cup, introducing solid foods and tips to help make the weaning process a little easier.
Supplemental Nursing System
A supplemental nursing system is a feeding-tube device used at the breast to provide supplemental milk for the baby and to stimulate supply simultaneously.
Baby's First Breastfeeding
What is it like to breastfeed? The first time you put your baby to breast is a learning experience for you and your baby. Find out how it may feel and what it might be like to breastfeed your baby the first time.
Can I Have An Alcoholic Drink If I'm Breastfeed...
Can you have an alcoholic beverage if you're breastfeeding? How much alcohol is passed through breast milk? What are the effects on the baby if you have a drink while you're breastfeeding? Do you have to pump and dump your breast milk after having a drink?
Nipple Pain
Causes of sore nipples and remedies to heal and soothe
Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery
Breast surgeries -- such as implants, reduction, mastectomy, lumpectomy and biopsy -- can affect breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding, Fertility and Infertility
How does breastfeeding affect infertility treatments and trying for another baby?
Immunoglobulins in Breast Milk
What are immunoglobulins? What function do they have in breast milk?
Top 6 Nursing Cover-Ups
Here are my favorite six nursing cover-ups. They are all designed for breastfeeding discreetly in public.
Plugged Milk Ducts
A plugged milk duct can be painful. What is it and how can it be treated?
Breastfeeding a Premature Baby
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How To Latch a Baby in the Cross-Cradle Position
Detailed description of the cross-cradle position and latch-on.
Breastfeeding and Losing Too Much Weight
Breastfeeding may help you lose weight, but losing too much weight is not healthy.
Detailed definition of the term hindmilk in relation to breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and Caloric Intake
How much food and calories does a nursing mother need to eat every day?
How Much Breast Milk In A Bottle Can I Take On...
With federal regulations limiting the amount of liquids we can take on airplaces, what happens with breast milk? How much breast milk can you take on an airplane?
Breastfeeding a Sick Baby
Breastfeeding a baby with a cold, stuffy nose, ear infection, or stomach bug can be challenging. Find out what you can do and what you should be checking for.
Alternative Feeding Methods
Supplementing a breastfed baby can be achieved by using a nursing supplementer, finger feeding, cup feeding or other alternative feeding method.
Breast Preference
What can you do if your breastfed child develops a breast preference? Here are some tips for dealing with one-sided nursing.
Supplementing with Expressed Breast Milk or...
What happens if your baby needs to be supplemented? Will you still be able to breastfeed? Here are some details on the different options for supplementation. Page 2.
How can I ship my expressed breast milk home...
Is it possible to sustain your breastfeeding relationship when you're away from your baby for many days? How can you ship your expressed breast milk home?
Things to Do While Breastfeeding
Aside from sitting, what else can you do while you're breastfeeding? Can you multitask while you're nursing your baby?
Lactation Suppression
What is lactation suppression? What happens to your milk supply when a breastfeeding baby dies?
How to Tell If Your Baby Is Still Hungry Or...
How can you tell if your baby is hungry or overtired? Many of the signs are similar. Here is a great trick to figure out whether or not your baby is still hungry or simply overtired.
The First 24 Hours
The first 24 hours of a baby's life are crucial to a positive breastfeeding experience. Here is what to expect and how to deal with common issues.
Top 5 Nursing Bras
What are the best nursing bras to buy? What makes one different from the other? Here are the top 5 Nursing Bras on the market.
What is colostrum? How does it differ from mature milk?
Nursing Pads
Nursing pads absorb leaks, protect clothing and can help soothe sore nipples. There are different types of breast pads, including reusable, disposable, silicone and hydrogel. You could even make your own.
Nursing Supplementer Devices
A nursing supplementer helps provide a baby with enough nutrition while still being able to breastfeed. Following is some information about the devices and two popular brands.
Allergies and Breastfeeding
The incidence of food allergies and allergic diseases is rising at a very steady pace. With so much conflicting advice aimed at breastfeeding mothers, how can you make sense of it all? Here's everything you need to know.
The most common breastfeeding problem. Here is information to help manage the issue and make breastfeeding comfortable. You can also watch a video on engorgement.
Discussion of how and when to wean your child off breastfeeding
Avoiding Trauma from Breast Pumps
How can you tell if your pump flange is on correctly? Do you have an obvious circle around your areola when you are finished pumping? Here's some information about how to avoid that.
Flat, Retracted & Inverted Nipples
Explanation of how to make breastfeeding successful with flat, retracted, or inverted nipples.
Common Medications Not to Take While Breastfeed...
With thousands of medications on the market, how can you make sense of what's appropriate to take while breastfeeding? Here are some of the most common medications that you should avoid taking while breastfeeding.
What Kind of Birth Control Can I Take When...
What kind of birth control can I take when breastfeeding? Is it OK to use a hormonal method of birth control? How does birth control with hormones affect breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding and Vegetarian Diets
What do you need to know about breastfeeding if you are a vegetarian or vegan? Here are some tips.
Details definition of the term foremilk in relation to breastfeeding
Can I Breastfeed After Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Breastfeeding after gastric bypass surgery can be successful if you take the proper precautions.
Nursing Through Teething
When your baby starts teething, you may begin to wonder if you will be able to continue to breastfeed. Here are some tips to help you nurse through teething.
Weighing the Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding
Should I Breastfeed? Breastfeeding is a personal choice. There are so many reasons to choose to breastfeed your baby, but there are a few down sides to breastfeeding as well. It is important to know all the facts, so that you can make the best choice for your situation.
Breast Milk Trays
Breast milk trays are food-safe, covered trays similar to ice cube trays. Here are the pros and cons of breast milk storage trays and 2 different trays that are available.
Breast Anatomy and Development
How do breasts develop? How does the anatomy of the breast change during lactation?
Hormones in Breast Milk
What are the essential hormones present in breast milk?
How To Latch a Baby in the Side-Lying Position
Details on how to breastfeed a baby in the side-lying position

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