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Can I Have Botox Injections While I'm Breastfeeding?


Updated June 20, 2014

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Question: Can I Have Botox Injections While I'm Breastfeeding?

Botulism is an illness caused by the deadly bacteria clostridium botulinum. These toxins produce muscular paralysis. Botox is a pharmaceutical product which is composed of a purified Botulinum A toxin. It is used for many medical procedures, particularly cosmetic.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has not officially reviewed Botox for use in breastfeeding mothers. However, it is considered to be moderately safe, which means that the injection should be given only if the potential benefits outweigh the potential risk to the baby.

Botox should be injected directly into the muscle so that the bacteria does not enter circulation, which makes it highly unlikely to appear in breast milk. At the same time, it is recommended that you wait a few hours to breastfeed to let any remnant of the toxin dissipate.

Potential side effects for you include:

  • GI distress
  • weakness
  • malaise
  • lightheadedness
  • sore throat
  • nausea
  • dry mouth


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