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Solids, Supplementation and Weaning

As your baby grows you will begin starting solid foods. You may want to introduce a bottle, supplement with formula or wean your baby from the breast.

Weaning Your Baby From the Breast
Information about changing from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, using a cup and solid foods.

How To Wean Your Child From The Breast: 15 Tips
Here are 15 tips for weaning your child from the breast.

Combining Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding
Feeding your baby formula in addition to breastfeeding is called supplementing. There are many reasons women decide to give their children formula along with breastfeeding. Every baby and situation is unique, a combination of breastfeeding and formula may work well for your family.

Weaning and Alternative Nutrition
Once you wean your child, you can give him expressed breast milk, formula or cow's milk depending on how old he is at the time of weaning.

Temporary Weaning
What is Temporary Weaning? Information and tips for temporarily weaning your child.

Is Your Baby Self-Weaning?
Do babies wean themselves?

My Baby Refuses to Breastfeed
Sometimes baby stop breastfeeding, here are some reasons your baby may refuse to breastfeed and some solutions to get through it.

Is Partial Weaning Right For You?
Here are some of the reasons why you might consider partial weaning.

Gradual Weaning
What is gradual weaning?

Baby-Initiated Weaning
Definition of baby-initiated weaning

Partial Weaning
Definition of partial weaning

Dental Cavities In Breastfed Children
Tips for caring for your breastfed child teeth and preventing dental cavities.

Abrupt Weaning
Definition of abrupt weaning

Bottle Feeding Breast Milk - Bottle Feeding Breast Milk Versu…
Bottle feeding breast milk is a great option for moms who don't want to breastfeed, yet still want to provide breast milk for their babies. What is more important to you? The product or the process?

I'm ready to start feeding solids, but I'm confused. When do I breast
Breastfeeding mothers are often confused about how to go about starting solid foods with their baby. Questions often arise about whether or not to breastfeed before or after feeding the solids. Here is how to go about this process.

Supplementary Feeding
What is a supplementary feeding?

Complementary Feeding
What is a complementary feeding?

Introducing a Bottle to Your Baby
Breastfeeding can still continue if you decide to supplement with a bottle. Introducing a bottle to your baby is important if you plan to return to work or to simply have a break from breastfeeding. The question remains, how do you go about offering a bottle to your baby if you're a breastfeeding mom?

Nipple Confusion
What is nipple confusion? How can you avoid nipple confusion?

Weaning and Sippy Cups
How to introduce cups to your weaning baby

How Do I Know When It's Time To Wean?
How do you know when it is time to wean? Are you ready to wean? Is the baby ready to wean? Here are the details.

I Am Going Back to Work and Want to Wean. What's the Best Plan of Attack?
There are many women who decide to wean once they go back to work. What's the best plan to wean when you're going back to work?

Is it normal for me to feel depressed after I have stopped nursing?
Is it normal to feel depressed after weaning?

Tips For Drying Up The Breast Milk In Your Breasts
What can you do to dry up your breast milk from the beginning?

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