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Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions


Milk Supply, Common Problems of Breastfeeding and Frequently Asked Questions related to nursing challenges and difficulties.
  1. Milk Supply
  2. Nipple Problems
  3. Other Challenges
  4. Health Issues - Mother
  1. Health Issues - Baby
  2. Weaning
  3. Venturing Out
  4. Resources and Support

Milk Supply

The main concern of breastfeeding mothers is whether or not their supply is strong enough to sustain their baby. See these guidelines on how to determine that your baby is getting enough milk, in addition to information on increasing your supply.

Nipple Problems

Whether you're in pain while breastfeeding or your baby is having problems latching on, nipple problems can be fixed. Read on to find out about some common nipple issues and solutions.

Other Challenges

Some other common breastfeeding problems lie deeper within the breast -- plugged ducts, engorgement, thrush, mastitis -- and need to be treated promptly. Others are more superficial, such as sagging breasts. Learn details on these issues and how to makes sense of and resolve them.

Health Issues - Mother

Questions abound about whether or not a mother can breastfeed if she has certain health issues. Following is information on maternal health concerns and how breastfeeding will affect her baby.

Health Issues - Baby

Having a baby with health issues can be extremely overwhelming to the family dynamic. How does breastfeeding play a role? Discover information on different circumstances and health problems that can affect the breastfeeding experience.


You achieved your breastfeeding goals and now it's time to wean. What are the best ways to go about this? Learn how to wean your baby and your body comfortably.

Venturing Out

Confidence in breastfeeding your baby at home is one thing--venturing out into public is another. Use these tips on breastfeeding in public.

Resources and Support

There are so many place to get help if you're having trouble with any aspect of breastfeeding, from initiation to weaning. Here is some key information and details on support systems for you.

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