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Overview of Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions


Updated May 01, 2009

Breastfeeding problems and solutions abound, yet people who don't understand the dynamics of breastfeeding always have the same comment about the job of the lactation consultant..."That's a job? Isn't breastfeeding supposed to be natural? Did women have lactation consultants 200 years ago? No! They just put the baby on the breast and everyone knew what to do!" True, the process of lactation is very natural, but there are so many problems that can occur while breastfeeding and being able to resolve those issues is the key to a positive experience.

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Nipple Problems

Sore Nipples: Here are some wonderful remedies for general nipple soreness.

Thrush: Here is detailed information on yeast infections of the nipple or deep breast.

Flat, Retracted, and Inverted Nipples: Women who have flat, retracted, or inverted nipples can breastfeed! Here is information on how to make it easier to latch.

Teething: Many mothers think they have to stop nursing when their baby starts to teeth. Follow these tips to make this stage more bearable.

Breast Problems

Engorgement: The most common breastfeeding issue is engorgement. Here is information on how to manage this issue and make breastfeeding comfortable.

Plugged Ducts: Here is detailed information on plugged (or clogged) ducts and how to resolve them.

Important note: Some babies are not able to be breastfed, but they may still be able to receive breast milk. On the flip side, some babies may need to be supplemented with special formulas, but they may still be able to suckle at the breast.

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