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How Breastfeeding Works

Our bodies are designed to make milk for our babies. How does it work? How is breast milk produced and how can you increase the amount of milk you are making? Understanding the way your body produces milk can help you maintain a healthy supply. It is even possible for women who adopt to begin producing breast milk for their babies.
  1. Breast Anatomy (5)

Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk?
A good latch and frequent nursing are important to build and maintain a healthy milk supply. Here are the signs to look for to be sure your baby is getting enough milk.

Increasing Your Milk Supply Naturally
The supply of breast milk can usually be increased by ensuring a good latch and breastfeeding often. Here are some things you can try to increase your supply.

Things That Can Decrease Your Breast Milk Supply
Many things that you do every day may impact your milk supply. Here are some things that decrease the supply of breast milk.

Relactation - How to Increase Your Milk Supply
Breastfeeding mothers often reduce feeds or wean earlier than they would like--sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Here are ways to reestablish milk supply after having taken a lengthy break from nursing.

When to Consider a Lactation Consultant
Breastfeeding mothers should never feel alone. Some mothers have simple questions; others have more serious problems. If a breastfeeding mother feels at all overwhelmed by the process, she should get in touch with a lactation consultant. Here is information on what to expect.

Top 5 Questions Asked About Production and Care of Breast Milk
Production and care of breast milk are common concerns of breastfeeding mothers in the period after 3 weeks postpartum. The days of latch-on problems and positioning are behind; management of milk supply is ever-present. If milk supply needs to be increased, or if a mother needs to build a bank of milk for a return to work, she can feel confident that there are many ways to accomplish her goals.

How can you increase your milk supply? What is relactation? If you have low milk supply, it does not mean that you should quit breastfeeding. There are many ways to enhance your supply.

Milk Ejection Reflex
What is the milk ejection reflex? How does it affect breastfeeding?

Details on the hormone prolactin and the role that it plays in establishing milk supply

What role does estrogen play in breastfeeding?

What is oxytocin? What role does it play in milk supply?

Induced Lactation
What is induced lactation?

Supplemental Nursing System
A supplemental nursing system is a feeding-tube device used at the breast to provide supplemental milk for the baby and to stimulate supply simultaneously.

The Colors of Breast Milk
Breast milk isn't always white. Foods, vitamins, herbs and other influences can affect the color of breast milk.

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