1. Health

How Does Breastfeeding Work

How does the process of breastfeeding actually work? How does the body produce milk?

Milk Ejection Reflex

What is the milk ejection reflex? How does it affect breastfeeding?

When Should I Alternate Breasts When I'm Breastfeeding?

When should you alternate breasts when you're breastfeeding?

Top 5 Questions Asked About Production and Care of Breast Milk

Production and care of breast milk are common concerns of breastfeeding mothers in the period after 3 weeks postpartum. The days of latch-on problems and positioning are behind; management of milk supply is ever-present. If milk supply needs to be increased, or if a mother needs to build a bank of milk for a return to work, she can feel confident that there are many ways to accomplish her goals.

Top 10 Myths About Breastfeeding

We hear them daily. Breastfeeding myths abound. Unfortunately, many breastfeeding women don't question whether or not there's any truth to these. Here are some mythbusters to settle your mind and to put you on the right track.
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