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Going Back to Work

Preparing the breastfeeding mother to go back to work, emotionally and physically. Breastfeeding in the workplace, including rights. How to maintain supply. Also included is a discussion of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding.

How to Collect, Store, Freeze and Thaw Breast Milk
Breast milk can be frozen and stored for your baby if you have to return to work. Here is what you need to know about freezing, storing and thawing your milk.

Going Back to Work and Breastfeeding
Here are some quick tips if you're breastfeeding and planning to go back to work.

Pumping at Work
Many Moms are reentering the workforce after having babies, yet still want to maintain their breastfeeding relationship and their milk supply. With the advent of breast pumps, pumping at work is your best option, but it does require preparation. What should you bring? Where should you do it? How should you prepare before your return to work?

Going Back to Work and Childcare
Information on going back to work and finding proper childcare

Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Information on breastfeeding in the workplace. This includes details on a woman's rights to breastfeed at work

Maintaining Breastmilk Supply
Information on the best breastpumps to aid in maintaining a strong milk supply after returning to work

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