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Pumping and Storage

Learn how to pump breast milk and care for it properly. Also discussed will be alternative methods of feeding, breast pumps and storage suggestions

How to Collect, Store, Freeze and Thaw Breast Milk
Information on how to collect, store, freeze and warm breast milk.

Breast Milk Storage Bags and Containers
There are different types of containers that can be used to freeze and store breast milk. You can use glass containers, plastic bottles, plastic breast milk storage bags or breast milk trays.

Glass Containers for Breast Milk Storage
What are the pros and cons of using glass containers to store breast milk? Here is some information about glass containers plus 3 eco-friendly, toxin-free, food and freezer-safe brands.

Plastic Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Here are some pros and cons of plastic breast milk storage bottles along with information on 7 popular brands.

Breast Milk Trays
Breast milk trays are for freezing breast milk in small portions. Here is some information about trays along with the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Breast Milk Storage Bags
Breast milk storage bags are a space-saving way to safely store breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer. Here are 6 popular breast milk storage bags choices.

Used Breast Pumps
What do you need to know about used breast pumps?

Bulb-Style Breast Pumps
What is a bulb-style breast pump and why shouldn't it be used?

Breast Milk Pumping and Care
Information on using breast pumps and storage suggestions. Also discussed is bottle-feeding.

Hand-Express Breast Milk
Here is the Marmet Technique of manually expressing your breast milk. It is a safe, easy alternative to using a breast pump.

Tips for Efficient Pumping Sessions
Excellent tips for efficiently pumping breastmilk

Before You Buy a Breast Pump
Information on what to consider before buying a breast pump

Different Breast Pumps
List of the most popular breast pumps on the market

Avoiding Trauma from Breast Pumps
How can you tell if your pump flange is on correctly? Do you have an obvious circle around your areola when you are finished pumping? Here's some information about how to avoid that.

Are Used Breast Pumps Safe?
Is it safe to borrow or buy a used breast pump? Why is it safe to use a breast pump that you rent?

Is it OK if I decide to pump and bottle feed my baby instead of breastfeeding?
There are many lactating women who do not want to put the baby to the breast, yet they still want to provide breast milk for their baby. Is it possible to just pump and bottle feed?

How Much Breast Milk Should I Put In a Bottle?
If you decide to supplement breastfeeding with pumped breast milk in a bottle, how much should you give? Here is the calculation.

Storage of Breastmilk
Storage guidelines for expressed milk

Handling of Breastmilk
Information on the proper handling of breastmilk

Freeze Breast Milk
Expressed breast milk can be frozen. How do you go about freezing it?

Different Breast Milk Preparations
When expressing breast milk, there are quite a few different ways to prepare it for use. Here are the definitions of the four distinct methods.

How Much Breast Milk In A Bottle Can I Take On An Airplane?
With federal regulations limiting the amount of liquids we can take on airplaces, what happens with breast milk? How much breast milk can you take on an airplane?

How can I ship my expressed breast milk home when I'm away from my baby?
Is it possible to sustain your breastfeeding relationship when you're away from your baby for many days? How can you ship your expressed breast milk home?

Breastfeeding Equipment and Devices
With so many different breastfeeding devices on the market, how do you make sense of what to buy? Here you will find information on different breastfeeding equipment and devices used to supplement or complement feedings.

Human Milk Banks
When it is not possible for a mother to breastfeed her baby, one alternative can be to give human milk from a donor. In appropriate situations, a mother can obtain breast milk from a human milk bank, and yes, this is a very safe option.

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