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Breastfeeding in Public

A breastfeeding mother can often feel intimidated or uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. Aside from understanding her legal rights to do so, she will learn subtle, discreet ways to feed outside of the home.

Tips For Nursing In Public
Here are some tips for breastfeeding discreetly out in public.

Top 4 Nursing Cover-Ups
Breastfeeding discreetly in public is a common concern for nursing moms. Having a cover-up ready to go in a diaper bag will make the experience much more comfortable (and even stylish!) Here are the latest and greatest.

Breastfeeding During Travel
Breastfeeding during travel requires preparation, but once you're organized, the experience should be enjoyable. Here you will find out what to bring, what to wear, how to get ready to breastfeed, and how to deal with planes, trains, and automobiles.

Breastfeeding Discreetly - Video
Breastfeeding in public makes many mothers very nervous to venture out. Here is a video on some discreet, subtle ways to breastfeed in public.

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