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How To Latch a Baby in the Side-Lying Position


Updated April 21, 2009

This position is wonderful for a mother to rest while her baby nurses. It can be a bit tricky to master because it is the position with the least control, but once the mother and baby get the hang of it, it can become the most favored position. It is also recommended for women who have had cesarean sections because, like the football hold, it takes pressure off of the abdomen.
Time Required: Until the baby latches properly

Here's How:

  1. The mother lies on her side on a pillow. She can also put pillows behind her, or under her knees so she feels completely comfortable.
  2. The baby lies on his side facing the mother with the mother's upper arm supporting the baby behind his back; her lower arm is usually tucked underneath her pillow to give a bit of leverage to her body.
  3. Put a rolled up blanket or towel behind the baby to give support.
  4. The mother offers whichever breast is more comfortable for her -- usually the one on the bottom is easier.
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